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Lighting Design

Wedding Singer Australia / New Zealand Tour 2021

Lighting Designer

"Declan O'Neill's fabulously bold and bright lighting design really brings the '80s feel to The Wedding Singer" - Broadway World

"lighting really helps with the illusion of this delightful story of Robbie and Julia that will keep you engaged from start to finish" - Impulse Gamer

"The lighting is superb!" - Stage Whispers

"Lighting design by Declan O'Neill featuring neons was beyond brilliant" -       Weekend Notes

Bring It On The Musical 2019 Australian Tour

Lighting Designer

"Lighting Designer Declan O’Neill also deserves credit. The lighting in this show creates drama (thank goodness something does), sets tone, differentiates settings, and pumps up the audience. It is everything that lighting designers hope to achieve with their designs and is crucial to the enjoyment of this show." - Theatre Travels

"The lighting was impressive" - Stage Whispers

"The lighting and sound designs are first class and the whole production fits beautifully on the Athenaeum stage" - Artshub

"Stadium-style lighting as a very effective component of the set" - Simon Parris Man In Chair

"Dynamic Lighting Design by Declan O'Neill" - Sydney Scoop

50 Shades The Parody Musical Australian Regional Tour
2019 -2021

Lighting Designer / Technical Manager

"Lighting design was very effective" - Theatre People

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